“I am doing so much better, which is amazing because the problem’s been going on for 1.5 years [since a miscarriage]…I’m very, very happy with how I feel now.”
– M.M, client

Women’s bodies conceive, grow, and deliver babies. To do this requires an incredibly strong and balanced internal system: uterine muscle itself, other pelvic muscles, connective tissue, including the many ligaments that secure the uterus to the pelvis’ bony structures and the bones to each other. Due to these ligamentous connections, the pelvic structure is intimately linked with healthy functioning and alignment of female organs and glands. If the pelvis becomes out of balance, it adversely affects the female parts including hormones. Likewise, organs can pull bones in such a way to cause structural discomfort, such as low back pain, especially during menses and pregnancy.

Working with bones, ligaments, organs and reflex points, Sara helps women with concerns that are unique to women’s bodies. All contact is external, gentle, and done fully clothed.

Concerns women have seen Sara for:

  • Discomforts and alignment during pregnancy and post-partum
  • PMS and menopause symptoms
  • Tensions and libido after surgery, including IVF
  • Post-miscarriage care
  • Sexual trauma
  • Chronic backache and pelvic misalignments
  • Tensions, range of motion, and lymph flow after mastectomy

Women have reported these results:

  • Symptoms reduced or eliminated
  • Tension decreased, energy lighter
  • Increased tone, circulation, and balance throughout the body
  • Feeling more grounded
  • Re-connection with authentic self
  • Increased ease in both posture and walking
  • Body and spirit revitalized

“Tears of joy are falling from my eyes right now. I have had such a great time interacting with my children and my partner; I feel confident and together and HERE and happy! Thank you.”
– Client after women’s care session

Please, call Sara now to discuss your concerns and learn how she might help you feel more yourself. 510.526.5414

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