August 1, 2019

Recently I was seeking referral sources for my practice and reached out to OB/GYNs. All the ones I encountered use drugs or hormones to address “female problems.” The more wholistic ones include nutrition and maybe even herbs. None, however, expressed interest in telling patients that my integrative bodywork skills could contribute to their healing process.

Unfortunately, they are overlooking the wisdom in “Structure governs function.” Don’t they consider that the bones of the pelvis have something to do with the broad ligament, which literally suspends the uterus and ovaries between the hip bones? Or smaller ligaments that secure these reproductive organs/glands to the sacrum and pubic bones? Not to mention the pelvic floor, a group of muscles spanning the sacrum, tailbone, sitz bones, and pubic bone, that creates major support for all our pelvic organs?

All these pieces are interconnected, just like a tent and its poles. Push one pole off center and all the others and the tent fabric come with it, compromising the tent’s stability. When the pelvic bony alignment is skewed, even a little bit by a fall, poor posture, giving birth, or other reasons, its imbalance transfers to the pelvic floor and/or the broad ligament, and therefore, uterus and ovaries as well. Likewise, an internal injury, surgery, adhesions, or major infection in the pelvis may well lead the viscera and/or ligaments to compensate, tugging on bones to shift with them.

When the broad ligament is pulled on by a pelvic imbalance, the uterus and ovaries are pulled along with it, contorting their shapes, fullness, and thus, ideal hormone functioning. Similarly, when the uterus—a woman’s strongest muscle, yes!—is pushed out of shape, its muscular function may be compromised. The pelvic floor also depends on a balanced structure to maintain its integrity and function.

What does all this mean for you, a woman*, in your dally life? Here are some symptoms of pelvic imbalance:
~ Uncomfortable sexual expression
~ Painful uterine cramps during menses
~ Low back pain or headaches worse with menses
~ Chronic low abdominal or sacral pain
~ Challenging peri-menopause symptoms
~ Uncomfortable pregnancy
~ Prolapsed or retroflexed uterus
~ Thyroid dysfunction (reproductive hormones, pelvic balance and thyroid function are very interconnected)

Using subtle, osteopathic-based Ortho-Bionomy®, I’m able to assess your pelvis and support it returning to center and structural integrity. I’ll also sense into lymph congestion and broad ligament, ovarian, or uterine tensions to facilitate internal ease, and potentially improved hormone balance. All my sessions are clothes on, no digging in.

“Mild cramping, maybe a 2 out of 10–very, very good.  And my back feels great, no lower back pain. That was really great. I could have lain on your bed [sic] for the next few hours.”    — Client after women’s care session

 If any of the listed symptoms feel familiar to you and you’d like to try gentle bodywork as a route to healing, please call me at 510.526.5414. I’ve helped many other women before you, so maybe I can help you too. Learn more on this page of my website.

*Note to men reading this: You don’t have a broad ligament. Your reproductive organs are arranged and suspended/connected quite differently from women’s.