” I feel like I’ve got puzzle pieces lying about, and each week
Sara puts together more pieces of this puzzle.”

– T.H. client

If you have just been through a traumatic event, consider having a session or two to support your body’s resilience and return to regular functioning.

If trauma occurred a while back, assume it will take some time to re-set your body’s nervous system, self-regulation, and functioning. It’s a more complex process than releasing a tight muscle.

Sara’s work is gentle and effective for resolving held trauma, such as: Adult survivors of childhood abuse—sexual, physical, verbal, emotional; earthquakes; car wrecks; rape.

When a person is overwhelmed by an event or series of events, usually she or he bounces back relatively quickly and returns to everyday feelings and function. On occasion, that doesn’t happen. The person’s nervous system acts as though it’s locked in the time and place when something terrifying happened. The body cannot access “now.” Psychotherapy and drugs are commonly prescribed to help with upsets, anxiety, sleep, nightmares, focus, and so on.

These symptoms, however, originate in the body’s physiology, and it is there that one finds keys to unlock unresolved trauma patterns. As Sara skillfully addresses the nervous system, glands, limbs, and injured places, she is addressing trauma symptoms at their source, without re-traumatizing the system. The body then naturally turns off the alarm bells, returns to present-time, natural resilience, and healthy self-regulation. Working through the body can bring about deep, lasting healing.

Sara supports your recovery from these common symptoms of trauma:

  • Anxiety, fears, nightmares
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Hypervigilance, always being on alert
  • Tension, pains
  • Digestion issues
  • Dissociation

Clients healing from trauma report:

  • Becoming more even-tempered, less reactive
  • Sleeping well, waking up refreshed
  • Feeling safer in the world
  • Being able to relax more often and calm oneself
  • Enjoying being present and re-associating more quickly
  • Regularizing digestion and eating habits

“Sara moves around me and puts me together. She shows me how to use the parts of me that work. She is letting the stories out of my kneecaps and my elbows and my belly. One day she held me by the leg and told me to imagine what happened to me flowing out my leg and out my toes. So I did. Right out my toes and out her windows and whispering to the periwinkles outside.”
– R.B., adult recovering from childhood traumas

If you’d like to feel more put together, please, call Sara now to discuss your concerns and learn how she might help you. 510.526.5414

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