“Love the Pooh bear exercise. Even after 30 sec,
I could feel my neck relaxing. Thanks : ) “

– H.T.F, client

Have you ever seen a 12 month-old sitting on the floor? He or she is totally erect, naturally. You used to sit like that too. You have it in you; it’s just out of practice, forgotten, and needs reminding.

But you won’t hear Sara scolding you about “you should…” She prefers to drop the “should’s” that seem to be associated with posture. Rather than judging posture by certain standards to be good or bad, she invites you to explore your current posture along with other options, so that your direct sensory experience becomes the route to “better” posture. You’ll discover how postures enhance—or depress—your function and aliveness, and change your mood and attitudes too.

Instead of imposing a new set of tensions upon the old, such as “Sit up straight,” Sara seeks to release inefficient tension patterns that hold present posture, and encourages your innate healthy structure to take over, becoming the norm again.

Using hands-on, movement explorations, and isometrics, and suggesting self-care practices, Sara can help you develop the most comfortable and efficient posture for you and your unique body.

Sara addresses postural concerns, such as:

  • Head forward
  • Scoliosis
  • Kyphosis, lordosis, tuck-tail sacrum
  • Sunken chest, rolled shoulders
  • Dowager’s hump
  • Knock knees

Clients enjoy these benefits:

  • Decreased pain and tension
  • Greater ease generally
  • Improved spinal balance, function–and therefore, better functioning nerves, organs
  • Longer periods of comfort and ease while sitting and standing
  • Increased energy that naturally arises from balanced system

“My hips/legs/ pelvis/low back all felt really different. I felt longer somehow, and my sacrum felt less tilted. I really felt open-ness in my hips and explored that this weekend with movement, walking, doing some of those stretches/exercises. Thank you.”
– P.D, client

If you’re not functioning the way you know you can, call Sara now to see if posture might have something to do with it. 510.526.5414

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