March 11, 2020

Yes, this is an actual road sign, not photoshopped, that I noticed January 1, 2020. (If it’s not visible, click on Navigation Guidance to view) It’s become my motto for this year. Especially helpful these days. In spite of–or because of!–all the chaos around us and in our culture, please, find solace in knowing yourself Read More >

August 1, 2019

Recently I was seeking referral sources for my practice and reached out to OB/GYNs. All the ones I encountered use drugs or hormones to address “female problems.” The more wholistic ones include nutrition and maybe even herbs. None, however, expressed interest in telling patients that my integrative bodywork skills could contribute to their healing process. Read More >

June 21, 2019

“Finding yourself” is not really how it works. You aren’t a ten-dollar bill in last winter’s coat pocket. You are also not lost. Your true self is right here, buried under cultural conditioning, other people’s opinions, and inaccurate conclusions you drew as a kid that became your beliefs about who you are. “Finding yourself” is Read More >

March 27, 2019

I sat on the edge of the tub this morning, soaking my feet in Epsom Salts—yes, they are indeed a wonderful relaxant and detoxifier—enjoying the sensations of my feet beginning to tingle as their coldness adapted to and warmed in the hot water. It totally fascinated me in a way I’d not experienced before. Then Read More >

September 27, 2018

In the recent film Christopher Robin, we all learn from Pooh, “Doing nothing often leads to the very best something.” My clients say something similar, “You’re not doing anything, and look what happens!” Ortho-Bionomy®’s “doing nothing” involves subtle, educated touch from a neutral, yet caring and present, practitioner. This combination of hands-on and attitude is Read More >

August 26, 2018

“It’s magic!” seems to be the most frequent comment heard by Ortho-Bionomy® practitioners during sessions. With a runner-up of “How’d you do that?!” The simple answer is that Ortho-Bionomy® taps into the body’s innate healing energies and physiology in such a way that the body releases and reorients with seemingly no effort, no pushing, prodding Read More >

June 25, 2018

We’ve just passed the first day of summer, the summer solstice, a stationing and a turning. From the longest daylight of the year, we begin to lose a minute or two of daylight each day until the darkness of winter solstice turns us toward the light again. Regardless, the last 6 weeks and the next Read More >

December 18, 2017

In these days of heads looking down at devices perhaps more often than not, I find myself frequently giving this particular “homework” self-care.. It’s a short movement sequence that counters device postures– bringing your upper body into healthy and relaxed alignment. The head lifts into natural horizontal on the neck, the neck comes into line Read More >

October 5, 2017

With so much discussion and writing about opioid addiction, I’m baffled by seeing nothing about actually addressing the causes of the pain. Articles are all about the misuse of prescription drugs by patients and doctors who prescribe them. Sure we all need pain-killers sometime, but not as a long-term fix for pain. They’re meant to Read More >