December 12, 2020

We hear the word “impact” a lot these days: the impacts of COVID-19 on _______(fill in the blank). What will be the impact of a new administration? The crashing sounds of the impact as hurricane winds smashed the building…

We also hear “impact” used as a verb: His struggles with COVID were impacted by co-morbidities. Loss of wetlands impacts Louisiana’s coast.

And an adjective: impact injuries, impacted wisdom tooth.

The common threads through each of these parts of speech are force or forceful and  affect or influence. So an impact or to impact are about a forceful/strong affect or influence.

During recent weeks when I was finally able to see clients in my office, I became acutely aware of how people were impacted by not receiving bodywork for 6-8 months. Moreover, about half the clients I was seeing came in for help with impact injuries they’d sustained during that time. I’ve been wondering why so many impact injuries (none from car accidents). My best guess is that lack of usual exercise, lack of social interactions including live entertainment, increased stress, and way more time involved with screens lead people to become less embodied, less aware of their environments and potential dangers such as uneven sidewalks, slippery rugs, off-leash dogs, and therefore more susceptible to getting hurt.

In the midst of all this was the synchronicity that I’d been invited to do a video interview that was published just as I was getting back to work. The topic? “Healing Acute and Chronic Pain from Impact Injuries.” Maybe that interview’s energy pulled in so many local people who’d hurt themselves! In it I recall my introduction to Ortho-Bionmy®, what this modality is about, and what makes my approach to impact injuries different from most other practitioners’. Please view the interview and then visit the rest of the Alternative Pain Treatment Directory, which includes products from herbs and creams to gizmos (not meant to be pejorative), as well as practitioners nationwide all geared to relieve and/or release pain. You can also read a short piece about my work with impact injuries on my website.

During this pandemic surge, I’m no longer working in person (sigh) but am still able to help you through an online session or two, whether regarding an impact or other tension or pain. Please feel free to be in contact about that.

I’m looking forward to 2021 allowing all of us to be able to heal through physically touching each other once again.