“I feel so much better. I’m back in my body, ‘out of sorts’ is gone, and no more headache. Thank you so much.”
– K.W, was in motor vehicle accident earlier that day

Because Sara’s approach is so gentle, she is able to address injuries sooner than many other practitioners. While it is beneficial to come in as soon as possible after an impact injury, even years later, the body can still recover and normalize.

When an impact occurs, the body and/or an object are moving through space and collide with each other. Upon impact, some of the movement energy continues through the body (like an arrow) as a line of force, compressing tissues in its path to move away from it.  Additionally, some of the movement energy transforms into heat, and possibly skin tears, at the place of impact.

Addressing the line of force is crucial for truly healing an impact injury. Unfortunately, this is generally unknown to other hands-on practitioners. Sara has heard countless clients say an area has never felt “right” since a certain accident, despite receiving acupuncture, bodywork, chiropractic, etc. The area has restored some ease and function, but the tissues have continued to arrange themselves around the lingering line of force, continuing the discomfort and diminished function.

Using subtle touch and inviting the body to guide her, Sara senses the difference in tissues that define the line of force. Her attention helps the body to recognize and release the stored up energy that was bisecting and immobilizing the area. Tissues adjacent to the line are able to respond and decompress, and the area begins to function again as a synergistic whole. Sometimes the client feels the “arrow” coming out, sometimes not. Sometimes s/he has a noticeable quiver or jump as the body shakes it off and re-organizes to a higher level of functioning.

If injuries happened long ago or were severe, the impact lines may not reveal themselves in a session or two or three, but rather over months. All along, Sara is working with the parts that are available, low-lying fruit as it were, supporting release and ease in those areas. In time, deeper layers become more accessible and responsive, leading to healing.

Sara works with these common symptoms of impact injury:

  • Pain, swelling, bruising around the place of injury
  • Weakness, limited range of motion
  • Sense of “not right”
  • Decreased function
  • Compensations throughout the body

Benefits clients experience:

  • Decreased pain, often no pain
  • Increased ease, function, and range of motion
  • Reintegration of affected area with surrounding parts and rest of body
  • Broken ribs—re-aligment, decreased rib pain, pain-free breathing
  • Feeling “right” again

I was really surprised at how gentle Sara’s technique was and how amazing and quick the results were after all these years of pain. I highly recommend Sara for any structural problems, especially impact injuries, even if they were 37 years ago like mine!”
– G.V, Yelp review

Call Sara now for help healing impact injuries. 510.526.5414

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