If you’d like to learn more about how Sara’s bodywork and somatic therapy might help you with pain relief and release, body-mind connection and integration, or generally feeling greater ease and peace in your body, then please be in touch. Calling provides the fastest response; text and email also reach Sara. She’ll get back to you as soon as she can.

Phone and text:


Regarding email–If you use Gmail or Earthlink, be sure to add Sara’s email to your contacts/address books, or white list, or whatever the method is to allow her emails into your Inbox. Gmail especially has started marking most all her emails as Spam, even when she’s replying to your email. Thank you for your help to receive emails from her.

To be included in email lists for newsletters or announcements of new Blog posts or upcoming classes, please email, and then add Sara’s email to your “okay” list.

Office: 2315 Prince St, Berkeley, CA 94705
Serving Berkeley, the East Bay, Marin, San Francisco