The body knows how to heal itself, enabling us to grow from infants to toddlers to adolescents and into adulthood, furthering the species.  The body’s biological wisdom carries us through. Acknowledging and engaging your innate ability to heal, Sara Sunstein is able to address a wide range of concerns. Very often she can catalyze healing when other methods have been “too rough,” not advisable, or haven’t helped.

Sara asks for your feedback about comfort, sensations, emotions, images, and thoughts, inviting you to become aware of your body, explore nuances of movement and flow, discover connections between different body parts, uncover emotions and stories in the body, and re-awaken innate peacefulness (more about body mind integration). In short, you’ll come to know and appreciate yourself as a human organism with the capacity to heal, feel, and live in peace with yourself and others.

Sara has worked with babies as young as a month old, elders in their 90’s, and all ages in between, supporting the body’s return to ease and functioning.  Moms, dads, grandmoms, teachers, trades people, “straight-laced,” students, athletes, office workers, techies, retirees, artists, dancers, lawyers, engineers, massage therapists, and psychotherapists—all have been on Sara’s table and received benefit from their sessions.

Sara regularly includes individualized self-care practices in sessions.  Clients use them to deepen and integrate shifts from the session, and to release discomforts that may arise between sessions.

“It has been years–maybe 20 or so–that I have had issues with my neck and back. With your help I feel recovery from pain is possible.”
– retired police officer, client

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Please note: Any benefits or claims stated on this website are based on Sara’s personal experience with clients. Her work is educational, and while it may result in relaxation and reduction of discomfort, it is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. For more information, read the Disclosure/Consent.