“Many thanks for all you have done to help me
shake hands with me Self.”

– M.O., client

Emotions arise from our biochemistry, express themselves through the body, affecting, and shaping the body. The opposite is also true: the body’s shape and physiology affect emotions. When we use somatic therapy to explore emotions via the body–and conversely, the body through emotions and thoughts–it becomes possible to free tensions and also increase your range of emotional response.

To do this, Sara invites your mindfulness to Body Mind relationship, guiding you to feel body sensations, tensions, postures, urges to move, and so on, as you “locate” emotions in your body. She may also facilitate you in discovering emotions and images held within a habitual tension pattern, such as head forward.

Try this quick sample of body mind integration: Notice your mood, breathing, and any tensions or ease. Now, smile! What’s happened to your mood? Your breathing? Physical feelings? Did you feel a little shift toward happy and more relaxed?

Some issues Sara addresses through Body Mind Integration:

  • Emotional holding in the body, including anxiety and stress
  • Disconnection between body and emotions, or their seeming at odds with each other
  • Outdated body patterns limiting therapy progress
  • Body Image and self-caring/self-loathing
  • Suppressed creative expression

Benefits you may experience through Sara’s Body Mind Integration work:

  • Making friends with your body; enhancing congruency between body, mind, and heart
  • Uncovering and releasing emotional holding and physical tensions
  • Deepening self-connection, self-compassion
  • Recognizing stress patterns, reducing anxiety, and activating healing processes
  • Developing self-nurturing habits
  • Freeing self-expression and creative expression

“Since I left your office I have experienced life in a more full,
more rewarding, more amazing, beautiful, awe-inspiring way. I have never, in my entire life, felt this alive.”

– M.C, client

If you’d like to feel more alive too, call Sara now to discuss how she might help. 510.526.5414

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